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The fear............

by Amanda
(Bellaire, Ohio, U.S)

I have had bulimia for almost six years now. I had a child and I can remember looking down at my stomach thinking it should just be flat - but of course it wasn't and something just snapped in me that day...

I was recently in a car crash and I broke both legs and my left arm which leaves me with only my right arm. Not a very good situation. I decided to take this time to not only recover from the accident but use this time to fully try and recover from my eating disorder. I figure since I am in a good environment for it in a hospital setting. But I am beginning to freak out that my stomach is looking huge it has only been a week or so and I'm afraid its going to get even larger as I progress. The down side of my recovery is that I am not at home so I don't have control over all the ingredients that go in I have no way of knowing if it is low fat or not... Although i did tell them i wanted very healthy and no meat.


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