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The day I realized that I was bulimic.

So here I am coming home from school. After having already purged my lunch, I was BEYOND hungry when I got home. So I ate a a large bowl of corn flakes with loads of sugar AND three packs of ramen noodles with two large cups of sugary iced tea. Feeling rather sick afterwards, I panic and know I need to purge. In a sort of, high/hazy feeling, I grab the plastic bags and a roll of paper towels. I didn't want to purge in the toilet because I think that getting splashed on the face with potty water is the absolutely most degrading thing ever (or at least I did at the time ) but little did I know I was about to do something so disgusting. I sat on my bed and purged into the plastic bag. Wanting no questions asked about the bag or what was in it, I hid it in my night stand in my room. I did this for a fees weeks. Once I had quite a collection of bags because I could only throw them out on certain days (ie: trash day or when I was home alone and no one would question me about why I was bring out all these bags of "trash" when my room was always spotless. Disgusting and shameful, I know .

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