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The Bulimic Nightmare

I was 12 years old . I grew boobs around 2 grade ... I was different. But when I saw gymnastics I fell in love but everyone told me I couldn't do it cause I was "fat". I was popular in middle school .. but I had the tension to eat a lot & I started gaining weight. My friends always called me "beautiful" "anorexic" "tiny" & "short" but when my own father called me "fat" that's when it started. I stopped eating every time I would eat I would make myself vomit & in my head I kept hearing a voice saying "fat" "keep vomiting ""you're ugly" " do it" "you'll be beautiful". I worked out so much ... that I fainted .. I wish I could go back & erase it. but I was a Bulimic 12 year old who was told you can't do it

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