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The bathtub

by soontobehopeful

FOOD!!! Everything from yummmmy chocolate cake to rice and french toast , you name it. Its always been there to comfort you! FOOD is a
source of nutrition and a great treat. But what happens when FOOD completely takes over... BULIMIA! Thats what! So heres my bulimia trick i used to use. I have to warn u its really disgusting! About a year ago (2011) I was getting ready to throw up. My music waz blasting loud the shower was on and i was naked, just in case someone would come knocking on the door i would flush the toilet and jump in the shower and make sure i would get wet enough as if i was already taking a shower and open the door. Them assuming i had just stepped out from a calm and cooling shower! I got tired of the anxiety i would get thinking someones coming soooo............. i decided to step in my shower/bathtub and puke in there and i did. i would have done anything to get my food out. I didnt have to worry about the amount of flushes or cleaning around the toilet in time!! Yaa it had its bad effects like stains on the bathtub that never seemed to come out and i was completely disgusted with my self standing in my own shame literally i couldn't bare thing of what would happen if my mom or sister saw me showering in my own vomit. but some how it was easier for so i continued doing it.........! The lesson here is don't waste your time live happy and i know some of you are like ya sure like that's changing my mind whatever... I know how u feel i've been there, sometimes we just have to go through it ourselves to realize that this is serious and you can easily be skinny in a healthy way and no not the healthy fat, healthy as in better for your mental self - think of it like that! Lets try to prevent that part about going through it yourself and start small maybe a friend or close teacher GOOD LUCK BEAUTIFULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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