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That Girl

The Mask

The Mask

That girl...

Perfect on the outside
Lying to the world
Hiding her pain.

Forever with a mask
That hides her guilt
And covers her shame

Lies in her head
Anger in her fists
Sickness in her soul.

Tears in her eyes
Scars on her knuckles
A heart with a hole.

A knife in her hand
Scars on her wrist
Blood on her skin

Fingers in her throat
Body sick and dying
Giving up again.

Rage in her heart
A cry for acceptance
No wish to forgive

No one to trust
No hope to move on
Keeping secrets just to live.

That girl...
That hopeless girl...
Is me.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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