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Taking my dad dinner - a story of life without bulimia...

by Shaye
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Hannah, myself and Jemma

Hannah, myself and Jemma

Tonight I went for dinner with my good friends Hannah and Jemma. We went to an Indian restaurant in an up market part of town... A pre Christmas treat for us all...

As always we laughed and chatted for about an hour before finally placing our order...

I ordered an entree, a lemon lime and bitters and a main of chicken tikka masala - extra hot.

When it arrived it looked delicious - and Hannah gave me 1/2 of her naan bread - which seemed about the size of India itself!

What a feast! We ate our food and enjoyed each others company. A perfect evening with 2 perfect girls.

1/2 way through my dinner I decided I'd had enough - I was full. I asked for a take away container and packed the remains away. There was a good meal left over - and I decided I'd give it to my dad for lunch the next day... Dad is a curry maniac!

After a bit more catching up we decided to call it a night. A full tummy and a day of work was putting us all to sleep.

I said goodbye to my gorgeous girls and got in the car to drive home...

My thoughts, for some reason, flashed back to this website... I began to remember my decade long bulimia battle... How different my life was then!

I would never have chatted light heartedly with my friends for hours after a meal... I would have been straight to the toilet to throw up!

I would never have just ordered one drink - it would have been 2 or 3...


I would never, ever have managed to save 1/2 my meal for my dad - no matter how sickly full I felt... I would have eaten it all (And then I'd stop at the store on the way home to buy chocolate)

In the pouring rain, driving home on the motorway a smile ran over my face...

I breathed in deeply and felt grateful for all my blessings... For my healthy body, my happy life and my beautiful friends...

I thought to myself - How wonderful life without bulimia is...

5 years bulimia free and I still don't take the simple things for granted...

Life beyond bulimia is truly incredible - and if I can experience it - so can you.

Stay strong.
love Shaye

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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