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symptoms of electrolyte imbalances in bulimia

I am always so scared after I binge & purge that I am going to die from electrolyte imbalance or cardiac arrest. My question is how do I know when I should go to the hospital after a purge? I'm just looking for symptoms of electrolyte imbalance, etc. so that I can know when I actually need to get medical attention.

Shaye Says

Hi there,

Bulimia related heart attacks can strike virtually without warning... The best way to avoid them is to of course recover - but there are other ways that you can protect yourself as your work on recovery...

1) Go to your doctor regularly for a blood test - if you are low in potassium he will prescribe you potassium supplements.

2) Drink a electrolyte replenishing smoothie each night before bed and do your very best to digest it.

3) Keep yourself well hydrated and if you do slip up and purge, try to drink an electrolyte replenishing drink afterwards.

If ever you feel strong chest pain or any other symptoms which cause you to worry, visit your ER and explain your situation to them.

I hope this helps... I know how scary bulimia can be - but the best thing is to try and focus on what you can do to prevent the side effects from happening rather than worrying about them. Your body is resilient and with a bit of help, you can fully recover from bulimia!


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