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5 Symptoms of Bulimia: Knowing These Could Be The Difference Between Life Or Death...

The symptoms of bulimia come in all shapes and forms...

From sneaking away after meals to throw up, to the more subtle psychological bulimia symptoms such as anger and depression...

Bulimics are so good at hiding their purging from people that it's important to know what other symptoms you can look out for.

Being able to spot the psychological symptoms of bulimia could be all the evidence you need to know that there is something seriously wrong.

Spotting these symptoms could be the key to getting your loved one life-saving help...


Bulimia Kills - Knowing and sharing the signs of this illness will help prevent people from suffering and even dying.

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1) Bulimics can't see anything good about themselves...

bulimia dangers
I used to think I was disgusting
and fat! What was I thinking?

Often people suffering from bulimia and anorexia will have a distorted body image.

They focus so narrowly on the parts of their body they're unhappy with that it becomes obsessive. After a while they look in the mirror and can't see anything good about themselves.

Try to notice if the person you suspect is bulimic is unhappy with their body. Do they spend lots of time obsessing over what they wear and complaining that they have an awful body?

These distorted thoughts could be a symptom of bulimia.



2) Depression and bulimia are two illnesses bound together as one

I don't think that you can be bulimic without suffering from some level of depression. I know the years that I suffered from bulimia were the darkest of my life.

Keep an eye out of bouts of depression and anger. Bulimics are often so repulsed by themselves that they lash out at the people around them. I still have a hole in the wall from where I threw my cell phone... Not surprising though... I don't still have the phone!

Depression and anger are easily missed bulimia nervosa symptoms in teenagers. Don't blow them off as being 'moody teens'... The truth could be much more serious.


3) Becomes withdrawn and spends lots of time alone

Bulimics are so controlled by their disorder that they gradually slip away from society. Even the most social individuals (such as myself) can become 'loners'.

I would spend school lunches sitting in the computer room, where I could be alone and nobody would see me eating.

When I was bulimic, I remember thinking that life was much easier when you had nobody around you...

You isolate yourself and push away those that you love.

4) Aggressive or Fiery Temper

One of my main symptoms of bulimia was a terrible temper. I was so angry at myself that it caused my to fly off the wall for pretty much anything.

I remember once my dad commented on me having 2 rounds of dinner. Most people would have shrugged it off... But I threw my plate in the sink - still full of food - ran out the house, slammed the door and didn't come back until early hours of the morning.

I spent the night sobbing in a construction site nearby. I was so angry at myself.


5) Constant thoughts of food

Bulimics are obsessed with food and weight. Sometimes they hide their obsession really well.. But, other times it is quite obvious...

Try to notice if the person you're concerned about seems obsessed with food:


Other Symptoms of Bulimia That Could Confirm Your Suspicions...

If the person you suspect is bulimic suffers from any of the following, please confront them gently about your suspicions... If they're bulimic they need serious help.


Suspect That Somebody You Love is Bulimic?

From laxative abuse, secrecy around eating and "Bulimia Teeth", there are many different signs to watch out for. If you have noticed odd behaviour in someone you love, it could be due to bulimia. Share the bulimia signs you have noticed here...

Signs of Bulimia - Shared By Others...

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Marks on their hands and having a cold 
I've noticed marks on their hands, red marks, and also they seem to have a cold almost all the time.

excessive vomiting with no medical explanation, taking long baths when "sick" 
My sister has been binging and purging for several years now. She has developed cavities. She goes to the bathroom after eating to throw up. She has been …

I think I'm bulimic 
As a kid, I was more on the "healthy" side and was often teased for being fat. When I was 13, I began hating the way I looked and desperately wanted to …

Swollen face 
Whenever I purged, i would end up having bloodshot eyes and a really swollen, chipmunk face because of the swollen glands.

Always eating is a symptom of bulimia 
I have a friend who is bulimic. She doesn't know that I know... She is always eating. Often she tries to hide it - but you'll see her hand slide into …

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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