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Structured Eating and bulimia bloating

by Tracey
(Milwaukee, WI)

I have been in many treatments for bulimia and have the proper eating plan to follow. I attempt to follow it by having a solid breakfast and still binge/purge within hours because I begin feeling bloated, initiating the great fear. I know that it is to be expected. And I know I can't understand real hunger right now after years of bulimia. Help! I feel lost. How do you get past this point? What am I doing wrong?

Shaye Says

Hi Tracey!

I know how hard and scary the bloating can be! But for many people, it's like the rickety and scary bridge which leads to the other side... The only way across it is to be brave and keep pushing forward!

Bulimia bloating is actually one of the biggest obstacles in bulimia recovery... So much so that I dedicated an entire chapter of The Bulimia Recovery Program's guide towards coping with the recovery bloat!

One of the key things to remember is that bloating is temporary - and recovery is forever! Whenever you find yourself panicking about the bloat, remind yourself that it is your stomach healing! It won't last forever and it's important that you work on pushing past that phase. Keep your eyes on the prize - which is bulimia recovery for life! Think of all the wonderful things you will do when you have all that extra time and money!

Another little tip is to buy some nice comfortable baggy clothes to help you get through the bloating phase. Think baby doll dresses, hippie pants and so on! They were my saving grace when I was super-bloated!

If you would like to join the bulimia recovery program (which comes with the guide i mentioned above) and recovery community, you can check out more about it here.

I hope that this little snippet of advice helps! Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep in touch!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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