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stripping you bare

by Amy H

Bullimia is an opportunist thief
Stripping you of confidence and self belief
Preying on you like a swooping hawk
Stabbing away like a hungry fork
You've no where to run to
You've no where to hide
This secret life is eating you up inside
Your body you should treasure
Bullimia has given you some twisted kind of pleasure
A pleasure to use to block out your pain
When will you see sunlight
Through this stormy rain
You try to hide it
But you will find
These secret lives have become entwined
You have been stripped bare
Right down to your soul
You are falling deeper through this vortex hole
You don't know where to turn to
Bullimia has overtaken your life
Ripping through you like a plunging knife.
Through every dark night
There is a brighter day
Find the courage to speak out
Family, love and guidance will help you find a way.
You are a butterfly fluttering and free
Unaware of it's beauty and agility
So spread your wings and help yourself
You deserve happiness and good health

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