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Stressful times before bulimia programs

by G

Hi Shaye,

Your website is truly inspiring.

I have a question about what's the best time to start treatment. You see, I've been bulimic for ten years now, and am sick of what it has done to my body and mind.

I'm enrolled in a super intense college course, and am having the biggest exam of my life starting in march, which means I'm now under a ton of stress so my bulimic symptoms are just getting worse... Which adds even more stress!

I've been reading self-help books on bulimia and the programs usually, sensibly, advise starting treatment when I have a few months ahead of me that I can be sure I'll have little disturbance in my life, well since my exams and projects won't end till bout April, do you reckon it's probably better for me to start properly then? Or should I do some baby steps now? If so what should I start with?

Thanks a bunch! You're really amazing! Xxx

Shaye Says

Hi there G,

You should be so proud of yourself for deciding to take this massive step towards recovery - It is not easy - but is SO wroth it! Life without bulimia is truly amazing... And, you deserve it!

April isn't that far away, so I think it's a good move to go into the program once your exams are finished... But, I think it will give you a great foundation if you can start taking some of the baby steps now...

Firstly, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I told you it was a good idea to wait until April - and I didn't suggest you look after immediate health issues that bulimia causes... Such as electrolyte imbalances...

Electrolyte imbalances can cause sudden heart attacks - so it's important you take steps to prevent this... What I suggest doing is a)going to a doctor and getting your electrolyte levels tested (explain to your doctor why) if they're low he will prescribe you some medicine. or... if you're not comfortable doing this then b) Drink an electrolyte replenishing smoothie each morning... The catch is it needs to stay down to do it's work - do you think you could manage this? You can read me about this smoothie here...

Another step you could take which would help SO much is to begin practicing structured/intuitive eating to help end your binge urges... Basically what this means is learning how to eat naturally/normally again. It's an often overlooked part of bulimia recovery - but is so important. I wrote about it in my last bulimia recovery newsletter - if you would like to find out more about structured eating and see a sample meal plan, click here to read my last "End Binge Urges" newsletter.

Remember to be kind and patient with yourself while your learning to eat normally again... It's a process and won't happen overnight... But, every baby step in the right direction is one step closer to the ultimate goal - health and happiness!

Please keep in touch - I would love to hear form you again :)


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