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Strange but good! INSPIRATION FOR THE DESPERATE (me included)

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about stopping bingeing and the other obsessions I need to stop. Something unusual is happening to me. Well after decades I've started to want to forgive myself for having bulimia, drink problems, depression etc. What I've done to my teeth and accepting the fact that teeth maintenance is part of my household budget without getting emotional about it.

I've had some sort of breakthrough and I feel freer! I'm trying to find a logical reason of course but I don't think there is one this time. How bizarre for me anyway! Maybe I don't even need to know!

I have been working on managing my obsessions better. nothing has stopped completely but it now feels like they may even stop one day!

All I can say is that I feel gob-smacked! but excited too!

it's only very recently that i've felt hopeful. I've never been hopeful really.Well something like that!

No I haven't converted to religion or anything! I hope this happens to all you out there!

I love this website and discovering people with so similar stories has helped me to feel less isolated, Thanks guys!

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