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stomach looks and feels like 9 months pregnant - bulimia bloat

by kim

I hear you, I'm 30 days free from throwing up and each meal is awful. I have stomach lump and it's worse than when I was throwing up. What can I do?

Shaye Says

Hi Kim!

Bulimia bloating does suck - big time! It sounds like you have it pretty bad... Just like I did...

My bloating lasted about 1 month before it began to improve... SO, I would expect that yours will gradually get better too...

Whatever happens... Just remind yourself that BLOATING IS TEMPORARY - RECOVERY IS FOREVER!

Have you been taking probiotics? They will help to build you the healthy bacteria in your tummy which aids digestion. You can buy them at most pharmacies - make sure you keep them in the fridge though... And, it does pay to buy good ones as they come in all qualities.

Also, try to drink a glass of peppermint tea before bed and in the morning about 30 mins before breakfast... I found this helped to get things moving a little more!

Keep up your amazing work though... You've got this far - and it should start improving soon!


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