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Still working hard at bulimia recovery

by Lou

Hello Shaye and everyone!

How's it going? Just popping in to give you some updates. I haven't been entirely binge purge free yet but I'm feeling such amazing improvement in myself physically and mentally!

For the last week, I guess I have had half the week binge purge free and a few days I managed to stop the binging at midday and get back on structured eating! It really is so easy to overeat. I sometimes get into the mindset of, 'oh don't worry, eat more eat more and just throw it up later, this is your one last chance!' but then I start to think about all the horrible feelings I have from bulimia and remember all the stuff I've written in my notebook and I just snapped out of it.

I think I've cut down by more than half now, but I guess I still have to adjust my structured eating schedule and be more specific. Any tips on how to avoid overeating? I just can't stop myself from getting one more handful of nuts or one more helping of yogurt sometimes...

Physically, I'm feeling great, my teeth are feeling much cleaner, and I seem to not have constipation anymore, which has been bothering me for I don't know how long! My face is also puffy from time to time, esp if I binge that day, but I think I can see the angle of my jaw more now...

Psychologically, I'm loving myself! It's great being so positive and I really am less self-conscious when I'm out and about now. Just... A lot happier!

What your site does for me is miraculous. The most important thing I've learnt from here is that, do not despair after one binge and to learn as much from it as possible and pick myself up asap!

Hopefully this week will be better than the last!

Will be checking in from time to time!

Lots of love xxx

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