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still slip up with bulimia occassionally - can this harm my health


I used to suffer quite badly with bulimia and anorexia. I have improved a great deal over time but still slip up and binge and purge once every couple of weeks on average. Can this still harm my health?

Shaye Says

Hi there,

Well done on your recovery progress so far - it sounds like you have come a long way!

Although your health will be much better and your body much safer with you're reduced purging, any amount of bulimia still carries a risk. Mainly where electrolyte levels are concerned - all it takes is one bad b/p to throw your levels out really badly and cause heart problems... To help prevent this, if you do slip up, try to eat something like a banana or drink an electrolyte-replenishing sports drink afterwards.

Your changes of complications from bulimia are greatly reduced - but the only way to elimiate them completely is to walk the last little part of this journey and kick these few remaining b/p's out the door for good :) I know you can do it!


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