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Stealing from grocery stores

by MM

Bulimia is so expensive, and plus the personality type makes you even more prone to stealing- the ED drives you to it! I always loved grocery shopping because Id get a hand cart, put a box of sugar cookies or some bakery item in there, open it, and walk around eating the entire thing! Then Id stuff the empty box behind some cans or in a freezer aisle.
It got to the point where I'd be spending so much at restaurants that to make myself feel better/"compensate" for that, Id walk through grocery stores with a shopping cart of brown bags, putting stuff in. Id go up to the entrance, ditch the cart, take the bags, and WALK OUT with sometimes 100+ dollars worth of stuff! SOmetimes Id stop to talk to the coffee stand barista feet from the door! I dont know how I ever developed such gaul, I guess its just a combination of extreme personality and terrible addiction.

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