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Starting bulimia... I Think?

by Cameron Ellen
(Kamloops B.C. Canada)

Im thirteen, 5 foot 7 inches, and about 125 pounds. I am by far one of the heaviest people in my school, and it is not just from height. On of my best friends, Emma, is 5.6 in height and weighs 101 pounds...

Anyways, I remember that I have been worried about my weight since I was in grade 1! When I talk to my parents about my weight they always say that if I wanna loose weight I have to stop eating junk food. The only reason they think that I eat such bad is beacuse I don't eat food at home (scared I will gain another 10 pounds), but when we go out I don't want to waste my parents money on the food that I ordered, so I will eat it and then they think I only eat food that we bought at a restrant.

I have tried not eating, and the best I have done is 2 days! ;) I was so proud!! It does not work though, I fall into the sweet temptations of the food :(

I have now gone to bulimia. I tried to throw up on an empty stomach.. that does not work. So I ate, and ate, and ate. I had chocalate and butterscotch chips, fries, apples, a bunch of OJ and I threw up twice, but both times I threw up not much came up...

I am devistated! I now have all of this fatty food sitting in the bottom of my stomach. Please help, will I be able to get more out next time? How long will it take to loose 10 or 15 pounds, I want to be around 110 pounds.


Hey Cameron,

Thanks for posting your story/question on my website...

Your bulimia story is really sad a I know how it feels to be unhappy with your body... It sux. BUT, you don't weigh a lot for your height and I really think you should try become bulimic...

Why don't I think you should try bulimia...

You'll find that if you start being bulimic - you will lose all your self control when it comes to food. You will want to eat all the time... and you'll get depressed, sad and angry if you can't eat. You might even put on weight because you'll become addicted to eating... and even though you're throwing up - it doesn't work so well (you absorb calories from your food before you throw it up) In time you'll find you won't be able to live without food and without throwing up.. your life will revolve around it.

I suffered from bulimia for nearly 10 years - and I started out just like you... wanting to throw up for a few months to lose a little weight. DONT DO IT... trust me. I wasted all my teenage years with my head down the toilet throwing up. Bulimia made me so sick that I almost died...

I wish I had had somebody to give me this advice when I was your age.

If you really want to lose wright, you should try joining a school sports team... or eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Both these options are much safer than bulimia to lose weight.

I hope you take my advice and decide never to be bulimic.

Let me know how you get on.


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Author of
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