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Start of bulimia recovery...5th time lucky hopefully!

by L x

I am about to enter into rehab in one days time to hopefully finally beat this illness which wasted all of my teenage years and now in my early 20's.

Every day is a battle which has become progressively worse, I cannot carry on like this my periods disappeared for nearly a year, I had a really bad virus - my immune system is non existent!! I first got counseling at 15, then consecutively again at 16 and 17 until now where it is so much worse :(

I am just so petrified of weight if I come out a stone heavier I don't know what I'll do :( !! I will be forced to eat 3 meals a day I don't know when was the last time I did that!

Do you know if in recovery there is drastic weight gain expected ?


L x

A Response From Shaye

Hi there L,

Well done for booking yourself into a bulimia treatment center... I hope that it goes well for you. Just remember that no matter how difficult recovery is - it is 100 time better than living with bulimia day in and day out!

The first couple of days/weeks can be really difficult... This is because it feels like you're gaining so much weight - but in fact it is just your body retaining fluid.

In my first few days of recovery I put on 3 kg's - which terrified me... but now in hindsight I can see that it had to be water weight. My body had been dehydrated for so long that finally my blood cells could have a big long drink!

Expect to add a few kg's (about 6 pounds) from water weight! Don't let it freak you out!

In fact - I would say throw your scales away - they are such a useless device for measuring 'body fat' they measure everything that's in your body - water, food, faeces, urine and so on!

In my entire bulimia recovery I gained about 3 kg's... Which I think is one of the best trades I'v ever done - considering I traded it in for health and happiness!

Keep plodding on... The right bulimia treatment is out there for you somewhere... you just need to keep trying!

Let me know how the treatment goes! Feel free to post on here whilst your there - I'd love to hear from you!

All the best,

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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