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Sometimes I feel like just going back to Bulumia. Any tips to overcome?

by Becca

I struggled everyday. I am in high school, I play mulutiple sports, get good grades, and a happy person despite my disease. This disease started this summer. I ran twice a day and ate pretty much salads for lunch and dinner. I lost weight, eventhough, I am already pretty small. I was really hungry one day, and "over ate". I was just like screw it, I already messed up. I thought I would gain the weight so I threw it up. Then the next day I was back to working out like crazy and eating super healthy. Then I would binge and throw it up. A cycle was forming. During my fall sport, I did horrible. Due to the disease. It didn't help I am taking hard classs, and get easily stressed. Whenever, I didn't feel like doing my homework or studying becasue I had so much of it, I would just eat till I couldn't. Major BINGE. Then throwing up afterwards.

I had bulumic for about 4 months. At the beginning of this disease, I believed I could easily stop. I tried but the cycle continued. It got pretty bad, sometimes I would binge and thow up twice a day. I would throw up in my bedroom and hide it under my bed. IT WAS CONTROLLING MY LIFE and everytime afterwards I would hate myself for doing it. I was done with disease and told just my dad. Although my dad has been a great supporter through everything, he doesn't know anything about eating disorders. I started researching the effects. One was not having a menstrual cycle which I didn't have since I started running this summer and bulimia contributed to this side effect. My side effects consisted also of, enlarged throat glands, puffy cheeks, and my heart was beginning to hurt, all the time. I relapsed after a week of telling my Dad.

I recently stopped. I AM DONE WITH BULIMIA. I haven't thrown up for five days! Although I have semi binged two times, but haven't thrown up. The thoughts still enter my head but I remember how bad I had felt when I was throwing up. It is harder than I ever expected to overcome this disease alone. I read recovery stories everyday to keep myself on the right track.

I would like to thank everyone who has an eating disorder that has shared their experiance. You might not know, but you have truly helped people like myself keep on the road to recorvery and beat this disease!

Anybody have any tips how they overcame bulimia? Had a similar experiance? I need support and peoples insight.

Thank you all! You all are truly inspirational.

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