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by R.T
(Manchester, UK)

You reside in me,
An internal sea.
Your warming waves a sly disguise,
A fatal façade for your toxic tide

Of lies. Yet beauty you show,
It ebbs and it flows – A perilous mirage.
Your ‘Belles Images’
Colour my world.

Your sweet poison I adore.
Engulfed, I swallow; then abhor.
These waves in me break, cue my lone escape –
With vigour I return the venom to your wake.

Captured again by your eerie depths,
My body, your artefact - a shell inept.
And cage to an inert soul;
Gazing cold at brainwashed passing shoals.

Friend or foe? My mysterious muse,
Your permanence lingers - a faded bruise.
And leads me further up the path of deceit.
Your hold irrevocable, binding;


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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