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So simple things are so complicated in the context of the recovery

by Ji

Hi, Beauty, how are you?

I am here again, so confused. I cannot believe how simple things with simple answers for most of the people are so complicated and difficult for people with bulimia.

So, today will be day 9! I am fighting and it is not easy but I have problem with eating, more specific overeating. Since I started day 1, I started eating more than I need and more than I feel like. I eat regularly, but for some reasons I keep eating after I am full. I thought this is ok in the beginning, but I am afraid that it is a tread for my successful recovery. My stomach is very sensitive, and when I don't treat it right i feel really sick and that gives me anxiety. The main things I need to do is not to stay hungry for long, this one I handle very well, Not to eat when I am not hungry(I do it sometimes) and not to eat at least 4 hours before I go to sleep. My problems is that I eat very well during the day, so that I won't be hungry in the evening, but even if I am not hungry, I always eat in the evening, and afterwords I keep snacking on chocolate or something else. In the morning I feel terrible, because my stomach is messed up. I managed to have I think 2 evenings when I had a very light dinner about 3 hours before I went to sleep, and in the morning my stomach was ok. I tried to make my breakfast bigger, but I found out that no matter how much I eat during the day, even if I am not hungry I still overeat in the evening, and also most of the times I eat a lil more than I feel like when I have my lunch. I don't know what to do, because I don't want to restrict, coz this is my biggest enemy, but I also don't want to mess up with my stomach coz it gives me anxiety.

I know you can't possibly have all the answers, but if you have any suggestions how I could handle that problem, I would greatly appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day!


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