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so i decide to eat, an now it looks like im eating for two - bulimia bloating

by kate
(Traralgon, vic, Australia)

have had it for 4-5 yrs, ive been in recovery for about 4 months ive slipped up 3 times 1st time was depressed which triggered me 2nd due to swollen salivary glands which did go down after a few weeks then all a sudden for no reason swelled up again so that triggered me,but i understand all about the glands and the acid now,then 3rd was only a few days ago,cos for ages ive been sooo bloated i really thought i was getting fat,the rest of my bodys pretty much the same its just my enormous bloated tummy that really sux im so glad i found this site... Thanks Shayn hope thats how u spell ur name 'sorry', anyway thankyou sooo much reading every thing in this site has made me feel so much better finally someone who understands and can and has helped, u really are an earthangel an uve saved so many lifes :) xoxoxox

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