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EMBARRASING Side Effects of Bulimia - Chipmunk Cheeks and Bulimia Teeth

The side effects of bulimia range from deadly consequences to plain old humiliating physical effects.

Today I'm talking about embarrassing physical effects of bulimia that people see every time they look at you.

I'm talking about chipmunk cheeks and bulimia teeth.

These side effects of bulimia do a great job of making you ugly!

I'm the perfect example.

My bulimia was a result of eating for comfort and then purging to be thin, happy and accepted...


Bulimia didn't comfort me - and it didn't make me pretty...

Yes, I did lose weight... But my face paid the price. I had rotten bulimia teeth and swollen chipmunk cheeks.

Bulimia made me ugly.


bulimia chipmunk cheeks

My Ravaged Bulimia face - Here's the proof.

You can see how swollen my face is in this photo. And you can also notice my teeth were yellow and have dark areas of decay.

P.s. This photo was taken when I was 17. I'm with my boyfriend Tom. We were dating for 4 years before he learnt of my bulimia. I was so good at hiding it - and so good at pretending everything was fine and dandy - that he never even suspected it.



How I got my life - and my looks back...

Bulimia recovery was difficult, each day was a challenge... But the thought of recovery gave me strength. The thought of a bulimia-free life made the recovery journey an exciting one.

Each day that I resisted bulimia... I felt stronger.

Each day I faced my emotions - instead of binged to numb them... I felt more in control.

Each day that I digested my food and didn't throw up... I felt healthier.

And in time...

I felt the life return to my face.

Gradually the side effects of bulimia began to disappear... And, I realized something that I hadn't realized for a long time...


bulimia picture

I was pretty. Inside and out.

This photo is of me and my beautiful sisters. I'm on the left, wearing the reindeer horns...

Notice how the swelling in my face has gone. And, my bulimia teeth have been fixed ($6000 later!)

This photo was taken at Christmas. I had been bulimia free for 4 years :)



Now, any fool can see that I look a heck of a lot healthier and prettier in the second photo. One of my side effects of bulimia was a ravaged face.

Thank goodness I recovered...

I may be a few kg's heavier now, but that's a small price to pay for having my looks and my life back!


Are You suffering from bulimia?

If you're suffering from bulimia, I have one piece of advice...

Get help now! It might be scary and embarrassing to start off with... But your bravery will be repaid in health and happiness... A great trade if you ask me!

To find out the treatment for bulimia which I used to recover, click here.

Good luck and God bless!






Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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