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Sick of being me..

by Kittie

Me, 13, 125 lbs. 5'2

Me, 13, 125 lbs. 5'2

Hello, my struggles started just one year ago, when my bmi was edging near about twenty four/twenty five.. so I started dieting and that lead really quick into anorexia and lost X lbs in just FIVE months, leaving me X pounds under my minimal weight! I then developed bulimia when I had a bmi of around X (still do) and it's out of control at this point, I smashed a plate to the ground because I ate all the cupcakes and I didn't want my parents wondering where the cupcakes went, so I smashed it and said the cupcakes fell and got a broom quickly and pretended I was sweeping the cupcakes and the glass, I've stolen money to buy "binge food" which are things like hot chocolate and milk, cereal, etc.. I ate a whole loaf of bread in one go.. I have become so quick and efficient it literally takes me 30 seconds to a minute to throw it up.. it's disgusting and whenever I stop, I gain loads of weight.. it's water weight but my brain keeps telling me my weight was only so low to begin with because of water weight fluctuations so the cycle starts all over again.. I need out of this! ugh.

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