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should I throw away the scales during bulimia recovery?

Hi there,

Hope you are well. I was just wondering on your road to recovery did you still weigh yourself?. My fiance thinks I need to throw away the scales. Previously when I have done this I have bought more (several times). I weigh myself all the time and get anxious when my weight goes over 7 stone. Even though my head is telling me that I would function better half a stone heavier as I am 5 ft 2.5.

I get married in 5 weeks and I am so excited but so scared. I have dreams that I will not fit into my dress. I get so frustrated as I suppose I am lucky that I prefer healthy food and love exercise so that when I am having a good week the bulimia bloat disappears after around 5 days and I know that I dont put a lot of weight on. So why do I do this? , this proves bulimia has no purpose and it is away of blocking out emotion.

I so want to look back on my wedding day and feel beautiful and be well. I love the feeling I get when I am free of this. Do I need to let go of the scales and just enjoy life and begin with structured eating? I feel this time I am ready to say bye to the 'bulli' that has been with me for so long as I am on an exciting journey of been married and so want children.

Love to all


Hi Sharon

CONGRATULATIONS on getting married soon... That's so exciting! And, more than anything, I'm glad that you're working hard to beat bulimia so that you can enjoy your beautiful day without anything that isn't wanted hanging around!

Weigh ins are something that are very hard to get rid of.... But, I do think that it's important to work towards that... If you get too anxious of not weighing yourself at all, then have one day a week, where you are allowed to weigh yourself once. Make sure your fiance is with you so he can give you encouragement and support - reminding you that it is just a number.

This once per week idea is a good 'middle-ground' to get you through the early phases of recovery - until you trust your body again.

And yes, I think it's essential that you keep up with your structured eating... This will act as a stepping stone to help get you through the day :)

Keep in touch!


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