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should i bother getting help?

Hi Shaye,

I have been purging for a few years now, sometimes five times a day and sometimes none. It just depends on the day for me. I hit rough patches, then other times I'm just like everyone else. I don't throw up 15+ times a day ever. So since I am not really bad, is it even serious enough to reach out and get help?


Shaye Says

Hi there!

I used to be in your shoes too... Before my bulimia got really bad - it wasn't that bad! Or so I thought... The truth is any bulimia is too much bulimia... Because it can so easily fall out of control. Even throwing up once a week - or month - on purpose is too much. Those can be the seeds of something a lot more serious.

Please, reach out to people who can help you... A teacher, parent or a doctor. Somebody you trust who will be able to help you kick bulimia out the door - completely and forever!

You can do it! :)


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