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Shaye, Thank you <3 Jane ( The author of "sharing my biggest secret")

by Jane

Shaye,thousand "thank you"-s to you!:).Your comment makes me feel really supported.I live in a country called- Georgia(not American state).Georgian people are of a very strong traditional nature.They love eating and do not care about calories.I've read the comment of an Egyptian girl admitting about her ED which is rare in Egypt.My situation is even worse.I can't tell about my bulimia to anyone. They won't understand the real(emotional) issue of my problem.You said I'm a brave woman.I'm just 18 year old girl:).My mom is a doctor.I've tried to tell her after 5 months of my desease.She said I wasn't bulimic and It was very irresponsible of me to behave like that.She was so dissapointed that didn't talk to me for 3 days.After that have passed 1,5 years and She is sure now that everything has gone away.I'm not ugly.I have a nice face and my body is also normal.Today I was watching at myself in the mirror and felt that I just can't live in this body.It isn't mine,my soul doesn't accept it.I'm like Grace from "arizona Dream"-an alien on this earth,a strange person filled with too many thoughts.If i lived somewhere near you i think we could be good friends.I watched your videos.your frankness and kindness should be an example for everyone who struggles and thinks that personality and mental disorder are the same. I'll try to do my best in recovery!Best wishes to you Shaye!

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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