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Second Attepmt At Beating The Bulimic Bloat

by Anonymous

I'm trained in NLP and have been helping (counseling & coaching) people using my "gifts" in that domain for pretty much my entire life... I'm 40 years old - in case you're curious.

I've also been "practicing" bulimia for about 25 years (started when I was 15). I had tried pretty much EVERYTHING to get myself well again (starting from my 4th year of acting bulimicly) - and I eventually realized (about 1 year ago) that I needed to help myself by sharing my gifts with ME - your e-book uses the basic premises of NLP to help people heal from bulimia (I'm certain that whomever finds their way to your site ends up benefiting tremendously - what a wonderful thing you are sharing with humanity!). SO, I basically used my NLP skills to re-wire myself to the point of making the choice to create a different experience of reality for myself.

The immediate result, as you well know = BULIMIC BLOAT >.< ...after 25 years, you can imagine that the bloaty phase might last longer than 1 month ...I have allowed it to derail me countless times over the past year - the longest I "survived" without diving headfirst into the binge / purge cycle was 3 months... and, despite the fact that I looked 9 months pregnant by 11:00 each day (regardless of how much or what or when I ate), I felt GREAT on the inside - each day was an ever-deepening experience of my body saying "thank you!!!" - and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I would catch myself thinking: "you're BEAUTIFUL!" (something I'd NEVER imagined to be possible). Of course, as you are also aware: the actual physical rewiring process involves 3 essential elements (frequency, intensity & duration)... one day, after 3 fabulous months, I ran straight back into a binge-purge cycle (deeper-rooted programming made itself known)... the past year has been a very long bulimic roller coaster ride.

ANYHOW, last night, after reading the section of your e-book (plus your related blog-posts) on "the Bulimic Bloat", I made the choice to get off the roller coaster. I've been riding on for the past year.

You gave the practical "things you can do" tips that I've been needing:

- herbal tea in the morning
- Asian style bathroom etiquette
- high intensity weight-training thing that I stumbled upon, which has helped & is non-addictive:

Glycerine enemas ^.^ (20 mL of glycerine "injected" via a needle-less syringe into the anus - within 1 -10 minutes you will be on the toilet shooting poo-stones ...if there are any ^.~)

...I either "do" one in the morning or one before bed

Thanks, Shaye, for your e-book! You are a life-saver & I'm glad that you are living proof that the bulimic bloat DOES eventually stop ^.^

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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