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Searching through puke - a gross bulimia story

by Kelly Reinhardt
(Plymouth, Minnesota )

I had recently just cleaned out my room and had a pile of things I wanted to throw out. In my closet was a bag of puke I had purged earlier and was waiting until everyone had gone to bed to get rid of it. The bag was fairly large and I decided to empty the trash I wanted to get rid of into it. Then, later that night went and threw the bag in the garbage can in the garage.

Wednesday came around (2 days later) and I was talking to a friend. I was telling her how I decorated my room for Christmas and she told me to post pictures on Facebook. I took some pics with my camera and went to upload them when I couldn't find the cord that connected to the computer. Frantically I searched my room and then remembered I had thrown a bunch of stuff out. I knew it was probably in the bag I threw out days before.

I went into the garage and braced my myself.... with bare hands I untied the bag, and had to dig through my own puke to find the cord that I had accidentally thrown out. It was covered in 2 nights ago dinner! I had to wash it off and try to ignore the fowl smell >.< not to mention, the puke got stuck in little crevices that I had to use an envelope knife to dig out.

It was so gross. And I was so glad no one else was home.

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