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Just over a year ago I started to make myself sick, I lost around a stone. Myself and my husband were trying to conceive and I needed to loose weight in order to do so I was 15stone 7lbs. I told myself I could stop at anytime and when we eventually fell pregnant morning sickness kicked in and it was a relief that I didn't have to do it myself (sick)

4 months ago we had our second boy, he is perfect and healthy.. I can't stop getting sick, I tell myself still that it's not a problem but even when I eat well and watch myself I suffer from severe indigestion and bloating which is only cured by vomiting. I am now X stone and am still overweight but my periods have stopped and I'm afraid I've done damage.. I know I need to see my GP but I am afraid that if they diagnose me I will also treated for depression and that social services will see fit to intervene. My children are happy, healthy and well kept and i am an excellent mom.

I haven't told anyone and even husband hasn't a clue as I hide it well. If diagnosed could I loose my kids as it can be classed as a mental illness or is this just more of my anxiety?

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