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Scared of weight gain in bulimia recovery

Hi... I have had bulimia for 18 years and can binge purge 15 plus times a day, however now I am having CBT and I am having good healthy days. My main concern of recovery is that I am so scared off what my body's natural weight is. I am 5 ft 2.5 and weigh 7 stones will I gain alot of weight when eating properly?

Shaye Says

Hi there!

I am so happy for you - that you're doing CBT and working on your recovery... You have started an amazing journey - which leads to such a beautiful destination - health and happiness!

Many recovering bulimics do gain weight in recovery... But, it is different for everyone. I gained 5 kg's in the first week or 2, however this was mostly water weight from re-hydration... As my body settled down, I lost some of that weight.

I think you'll find this question and answer interesting... Look at all the different reasons for weight gain... Fat is only a tiny part of it... Remind yourself of this during your recovery - it will help to keep you calm.

I hope this helps! Keep up your awesome work!

Bye for now,

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