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Runny nose and smeared mascara (eye makeup)

by S

Every time I would "get rid" of my food, my nose would run and my eyes would water. It was just my body's natural reaction I guess. Anyways, I would always make the comment when reentering a room after purging "ugh my eyes always water when I blow my nose" even though a lot of girls hate people thinking that they blow their nose, I would rather use that excuse for my actions. That little explanation would cover up for any smeared and/or smeared then fixed eye makeup or watery eyes. Every now and again if I have an episode my boyfriend will always look at my eyes after I come out of the bathroom before confronting me. Also, sometimes confrontation will work other times it won't. It depends on the person and often times even the same person it just depends on the day, sometimes confrontation would lead to a huge fight, other times just a crying fit and needing to be held.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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