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Re-eating in bulimia recovery

by Lou

So, I've been pretty much purge free for a while now, still lose control over one or two pieces of bread sometimes, but otherwise, doing pretty well in my objective opinion. :) However, I have a question about re-eating...

Since I don't know when, I've started this crazy habit of re-eating...

I am wondering if I should cut it all out together with binge-purging. Well, I know of course I should, but I actually find it more difficult to cut out re-eating than to stop binging. And it is also less effort than getting up and preparing or buying some sorta food.

So what is the best way to go about it?

Should I cut out re-eating during one meal at a time.

Or, should I set a time limit and then slowly narrow the period of time?

I find it impossible to just STOP. It drives me crazy because I just can't stop thinking about it. I try distracting myself with work, but then I end up doing it again, it's like multi-tasking! And I don't want to chew gum because it makes me bloat.

Any advice?

Lou xxx

Shaye Says

Hi Lou!

MASSIVE high five for your progress!! You sound like you are really going for this - and it's awesome!

The re-eating habit can be really strong - even stronger than the binge/purge habit... I also continued it for a while after I managed to stop binging and purging. Food would just slip up, then I'd chew it a little and back down it would go... So easy, so little thought...

Because it's so easy and does happen quite automatically, it's important to notice when you do it. That doesn't mean to say you have to stop yourself from doing it - but just become aware...

I would suggest cutting out your re-eating one meal at a time... Perhaps try to get through breakfast up till noon without it, then build on that. Little baby steps will get you there!

The reason I think you should choose to cut it out meal by meal rather than to narrow the time frame after a meal is because... Cutting it out entirely - even if it's just for 1 meal a day at first - will begin to set the healthy foundations of the new neural pathways and habits in your brain.

Limiting the time frame on the other hand, I think will be a slower way of making progress as you will still be re-enforcing the negative neural pathways after every meal and not creating the new healthy ones.

I hope this makes sense!

Good luck with this - and again, congratulations on your amazing work so far!


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