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Recovery symptoms for a bulimic who used to hold down some meals

by NW

Hey Shaye!

I am a recovering bulimic who used to binge/purge approximately once per day for about 4 years. I usually held down about one light meal in addition to the b/p, so I had hoped upon starting my recovery that my recovery bloating and other symptoms might not be as bad as some of what I have read on this website since my tummy is used to dealing with small amounts of food.

This has proved to be somewhat true…I have not experienced the pregnant bloating feeling or constipation. However, after two weeks of no b/p, I have gained a significant amount of weight (~10 lbs) and all of my clothes are very tight. I also had a bit of stomach pain/bloating yesterday after eating a sizable meal of heavier foods that I am not used to such as Brie cheese.

I am hoping that this extra weight is in fact water retention and not actually real weight gain. I guess I am just surprised about the dramatic difference in my body since I was expecting less severe symptoms given that I hadn’t thrown up all of my meals when I was bulimic. If you or anyone else reading has been in the same boat, please share your story and reassure me that I am not just getting fat!

Also, my friend’s wedding is in 2.5 months, and I am hoping that by then my body will have stopped retaining water and that maybe I can wear one of my cute dresses…is there any chance that this can happen that fast?

Thanks so much for your help. You are an anagel!



Shaye Says

Hi NW!

Congratulations on the awesome steps you are taking towards recovery! I promise you, every battle you fight will be worth it!

I can pretty much guarantee you that the 10 lbs you have gained has a lot to do with water retention! It's very hard to gain this amount of fat in 2 weeks - I'm talking maybe a McDonalds diet 24/7 would do the trick! So try to remain calm and remind yourself that your body is healing and it will take time :)

I would think that in 2.5 months, your body would have done a lot more healing and would be quite close to settling at it's natural weight - What your natural weight is, I can't say, but it's important to try and accept it... Fighting against your natural weight through restricting your food or dieting will drive you back to bulimia time and time again.

Whatever happens - remember, recovery is worth fighting for - and worst comes to the worst, you can always buy a new dress for your friends wedding :) If you are feeling healthy and happy - you will look beautiful from the inside out!

Keep pushing forward - you will get there!


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