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Recovery is challenging.

by Sophie

Hi Shaye

I have just about hit the 2 month stage of my recovery and my bloating and fluid retention is absolutely out of control!! I thought it would have definitely gone down by now but it looks like I'm 9 months pregnant and I can also hear the water slogging around inside!

I go to the gym 5 times a week, drink so much water and peppermint tea, eat healthy and in a structured pattern but it seems to be getting worse .

I don't want to go out with my friends or anything because I feel so horrible and disgusting and its really getting me down. Its like I'm doing all this work and seeing NOTHING in return and its sooo frustrating I cant help but cry and feel depressed!

I haven't been to the bathroom in about a week and its so stressful its killing me!! I'm finding it so hard not to give up! Please tell me yours did improve at some stage.

I also went to the doctors because Im worried ive really damaged my insides and I got diagnosed with IBS. I have no idea what to do or think. I just want to pass this so bad :(


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