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Recovery is beautiful, but also stressful.

by Courtney

Dear Shaye,

I have been in recovery for a month and 3 weeks now and my water retention still has not left! I am eating healthy and drink a gallon of water a day. My exercise is about two hours a day (hasn't changed since I was bulimic). I know it is not fat because I can practically feel the water slush and trickle in my body (as weird as that sounds). I still have not gotten my period after 2 months but I'm thinking my hormones are just trying to adjust. I would love to see a doctor but I do not want them to prescribe hormone therapy or bloat medicine since I know this is the natural processes of recovery. Should I just give it more time and trust my body? This is so stressful!


Shaye Says

Hi Courtney!

You go girl - you are doing incredibly well! I hope you are proud of yourself :) Recovery can be rough at ties - but I swear Courtney, every challenge will be worth it!

It will probably take your body a bit longer to heal than 1 or 2 months. Keep nourishing yourself though, and it will happen! My bloating started improving at 2 months, but it was a lot longer before it was completely gone. Give yourself time - and be super kind and loving to yourself in this process :)

xx Shaye

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