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RECOVERING FROM BULIMIA! (truly, finally!!!)

by Lou

Hi all girls out there

I'm Lou, I've been a bulimic for nearly ten years. I mean REALLY BAD REALLY REAAALLLY bulimic (I mean puking in bags and up to 20 times a day or even more)....

Here's what I'm going to say, You can change. You definitely can...

I didn't think so at first, I've tried to 'quit' so many times and I never succeeded. But I've finally done it. I've been okay for more than about 2 months now. and I feel strong enough to type this post because I know I will never go back again!!!

I really hope all of you out there can read this post and know that someone who'se been there like where you are now, can get back on their feet, only slightly injured, and get on with life fine.

I'm MUCH MUCH happier than before. PLEASE post a comment if you have any questions. I'll try to reply. I really thank you Shaye! You're the best, will post more later!

Lou xxx

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