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Recovering From Bulimia Nervosa? This Tip Helped me to make a Full Recovery

Sometimes recovering from bulimia nervosa can make you feel like you're running around in circles. I was there 8 years ago and so I understand how confusing the road can be at times.

I also understand that it can be frustrating when progress seems slow.

I used to make promises to myself all the time about my 'instant' recovery... I'm sure you know what I mean...

"As of tomorrow, I promise I'll never binge and purge again".

I wanted it to be as easy as that... But I was dreaming!

Life is so fun without bulimia!
Here's a photo of me hanging with my
sister and adorable nephew :)

What I discovered though, is that it's okay for recovery to be a journey that takes time...

The most worthwhile journeys are the ones that take determination, time and perseverance.

The rewards for sticking at recovery are priceless... no-matter how long it takes.

My total recovery took about a year, it was a lot longer than I'd anticipated... But spending a year in recovery is far, far better than spending that time lost in the dark trenches of bulimia, not looking for a way out.

In my year long recovery journey, I helped keep myself on track by focusing on the positive steps I was taking... no-matter how tiny they seemed at times.

That is the tip I'm going to share in this article...


Why Focusing On The Positives is Critical When You're Recovering from Bulimia

I can't even count the number of failed bulimia recovery attempts I made before my final and successful one. Almost every week would begin with a new plan on how to beat bulimia... only to be dashed at my first setback (normally by mid-Monday morning!).

I had such good intentions, but as soon as anything went wrong, I'd come down on myself like a tonne of bricks. I'd put all my energy and attention on the setback - until I felt like a failure - and gave up.

My recovery attempts normally failed for two reasons...

  1. The first reason in that they were based in restriction of food - you can learn more about why this causes bulimia here (opens in a new window).
  2. The second reason, which I am talking about in this article, is that I approached any setbacks with a self-criticism and cruelty. My focus was on the negative - always waiting for myself to slip up and fall over.

And because I was piling all that negative energy on myself, falling over was inevitable.

When I changed this strategy and began to focus on all things positive, my life began to change...

I began recovering from bulimia nervosa - slowly but surely.


If I slipped up, I would be kind and loving to myself - forgiving myself quickly and moving on.

If I held down a meal (even just one in the whole day!) I'd focus on it, and congratulate myself for it.

If my jeans felt tight, I'd remind myself how recovered life was going to be so beautiful - and I'd focus on that life.

Whenever I was aware, I would try to shift my focus to the positive.

At first it was hard - my old negative mind, was so dominant and strong... But we are all naturally good and loving people - so when we nurture that love, it can grow quite quickly. The more we give loving kindness to ourselves, the more we want it!

The more I shifted my focus to love, kindness and positivity - the more my mind automatically began to respond in those ways.

And of course, the closer I got to recovering from bulimia.


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality: So Make Them Positive!

To overcome bulimia, part of the journey will involve becoming the master of your thoughts...

You'll need to learn how to let go of unkind thoughts and nurture loving ones. By doing this - you invite more of these positive thoughts and experiences into your life.

Your thoughts control your reality. What you think, you become.

Have a look at how this effects your recovery from bulimia…

If you are constantly beating yourself up saying things like...

This will become your reality. You will believe it to be true and events that confirm these beliefs will present themselves time and time again in your life… Only adding to the negative energy and inviting more of it in. It will sap you of your drive to continue and keep you stuck in bulimia.

If you change your thoughts, you change your life. So instead of telling telling yourself negative stuff like I mentioned above, shift your thoughts to...

and most importantly


Changing thoughts can take time and persistence... But I promise it'll pay off a million times over. This was a key part of my full recovery and it will be a key part of yours too.

If you would like advice on how to change your thoughts, there's a section on this in my recovery guide which comes with my Online recovery program. You can check this out here.

I hope that you found this article helpful and I wish you a beautiful day, full of kind and loving thoughts :)




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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