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recovered for 5 years - am I safe?

Hi, I had bulimia for over 5 years from the age of 19 till 26, I'm 32 now which means I quit it almost 6 years ago and I recovered. I feel great and so happy,since then I have tested my heart, did Indoscopy and blood test, every thing was just normal.

I was wondering if any danger could threaten me in future or am I still at risk???

Thanx for your help

Shaye Says

Hi there!

Congratulations on your bulimia recovery :) I am glad you are now enjoying this beautiful free life!

I have also been recovered for many years now and my health feels excellent. I asked my doctor about long lasting side effects - and he said he would expect I am safe. I asked him about Barretts Esophagus which can lead onto cancer and he said that the chances were next to none and if I had any reasons to be concerned, I could have a check for barretts esophagus. If you still have bad acid reflux, this could be worth doing.

My best advice is to celebrate your health and not to worry! Worrying is one of the worst things we can do for our physical and emotional wellbeing. If ever you have anything that is concerning you - get it checked out by your doctor. Better safe than sorry - but I would expect you to be absolutely fine - just as I am :)

Enjoy life, live it to the full and be thankful for your magnificent and healthy body!

Lots of love,

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