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Recovered but scared!

Hey everyone, first off I wanna say that I believe in each and everyone of you that you can beat this! Rare thing... I'm a guy! I was bulimic for about 3 years and I'm glad to say that I'm about 5 months clean. I started doing things the right way and gaining control of my life and eating habits when I was blessed with my niece Layla. But I am now scared that I'm going to have esophagus problems in the future. Because I can remember when I was into purging a good bit that it would every now and then on rare occasion feel like something was stuck in my throat but then went away. Anyone else ever have that on rare occasion when they used to do that? It doesn't happen now but it's just my anxiety is terrible now just thinking about it. I respect each and everyone of you and just want you all too know that you are all such strong people and remember that when you look in the mirror that you are all beautiful people. God bless you.

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