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by Annette

When I am finally flying
So far off the ground
The lightening shoots toward me
And strikes me back down

The light is deceiving
So friendly…so brilliant
The dark is a-creeping
Ready to consume me

I'm much too resilient.

What have we here?
A puppet...a doll…
Do as I say
I promise to do it all...

Puking and crying
Starving and lying
When you're fat you'll be sad
When you're thin you're not thin
In it all goes
Then just as quick
Back into the bin

Inside I'm nightmares
Outside I'm sweet dreams
This can't be right
This can't be right

And the bags, oh the bags
They hang so heavy
All around me
These are bags of reality
The utter grotesque
Of my insanity

There is nothing charming
About a mouth full of bugs
Think of this carefully…

This is really me.

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