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Ready for Freedom

by Gina

I stumbled upon this site because I'm desperate to be better. I mostly recovered from Bulimia almost a year ago but a stressful semester has sent me into a painfully exhausting relapse and I wish and pray so badly to be better again. In my recovered time I felt so free, so happy and so... me. Now I feel trapped, suppressed and like the world doesn't know who I really am.
I know my triggers, but I have yet to master a way to distract myself or redirect my thoughts so that I won't fall into the brain-off-binge mode. Writing has helped, but in the moment I have such a hard time regaining control. In fact writing it here, where I know others will see it gives me hope, because I know I am crossing one hurdle on the road to a more fulfilling recovery and satisfying life.

Ready for Freedom

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