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Purging so hard I peed and pooped my pants many times

by Mel

Sometimes I will purge so hard that I pee and even pooped my pants from the pressure. I would have to come out with different pants and have to make up a reason why I had to change. Most of the time no body would ask, but when they did I had to say I had got diarrhea. That was less embarrassing than saying that I purged too hard that I shit my pants. One time, in a rush to leave the bathroom, so that I didn't take too long, I did pee my pants while purging. I did change my pants but later when I went in to my bathroom I noticed a big puddle by my toilet. It was all the urine! I had purged so hard that I left a huge puddle! I was so lucky I found it because I would probably have blame it on the dog. That was a sad and disgusting moment for me. Besides the major hair loss. Good luck.

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