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probiotics and "stuffed" feeling in bulimia recovery

Ok, so I have 2 questions...

The first is, what kind of pobiotics should I buy... There are soooo many kinds with 1 billion or 3 billion and some are soo expensive and some are not... I'm just not sure which kind to buy or how many to take or anything... Lets just say my digestion SUCKS and is the main reason I feel I cannot beat this. I know I saw the coconut drink but as far as probiotic pills which ones are best? and how many?

Another question I have is when did that "I feel so full all the time" feeling go away after eating a meal? It's like my belly wants to push up the food. Does this ever go away? And, do u still have urges to throw up?

P.S. I just wanted to say your site has helped me the most out of any recovery site. This site actually acknowledges the physical aspect of recovery which is what I need help most in. Thank you soooo much seriously.

Shaye Says

Hi there,

So good to hear from you! I remember so clearly that 'feeling if fullness' that you talk about... After eating a smalls salad - feeling like you've eaten a meal for 10 people! Good news... Yes, it does go away! Overcoming these physical difficulties can often be one of the greatest challenges in recovery!

My 'OH MY GOODNESS I'm SO FULL" feeling lasted for about a month... I honestly felt SO stuffed all the time... The only relief I'd get was first thing in the morning I'd feel 'Just a little bit full' It was very difficult! But, I kept telling myself that a few months life of fullness was far better than a life of bulimia!

After about 1 month my digestion slowly started kicking back into action. It got better and better and after about 1 year I felt like I was completely normal... Although, since then my metabolism has continued to improve even more...

I thought my digestive system was 'completely stuffed' when i first began my recovery journey... I honestly thought I would never be able to enjoy any food other than salad an fruit without ballooning... But as I learnt during my journey - That was the bulimia talking. Everyone has the ability to digest - it's just a matter of looking after our bodies and giving them the chance to heal.

When I first started holding down my food, I got the feeling that it was being pushed up all the time. Sometimes I'd be going about life and just throw up in my mouth - without warning... My stomach was so used to throwing up 15 times a day that this new system it was working with took some getting used to! But, even this in time disappeared.

Your question "Do you still have urges to throw up" No, not anymore... But, I did go through one phase since I recovered - about 3 years ago - where for a week I started having a few bulimic thoughts...

It was just before I went on holiday to Samoa with my great friend Lis. She is very small and I decided I wanted to lose some weight before the trip. We were leaving in 2 weeks so I thought I would just cut my food intake right back... Within a few days I started over eating and I had the thought "I could just throw this up"... It suddenly dawned on my what I was doing...

Restriction/diet leads to binge eating leads to purging...

So, I quickly stopped the restriction and went back to normal. I learnt a lot from that experience - to recover from bulimia - and to avoid a bulimia relapse - we can't deprive our bodies of food... We need 3 meals a day and 3 snacks!

besides that incident The bulimia urges have completely gone. That's 5 years of feeling free. It's wonderful! I promise you that 100% physical - and emotional bulimia recovery is possible.

Your question about the probiotics... Yes, it does seem that there is a massive variety of prices out there! If I were you, I would go to your local pharmacy and ask for the best ones they have (that you can afford). Unfortunately, often the best stuff is the most expensive - but see what you can afford and get those. Remember that they're not magic pills - but if given time they will help your tummy return to normal.

Also try drinking a few big mugs of peppermint tea in the morning as soon as you wake up (before eating)... I found that helped get my bowels moving.

Another thing I really recommend is to buy some comfy baggy clothes. You will experience bloating and fullness early on in recovery - and these comfy clothes will help get you through this time.

I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes... Remember you can write to me on this site anytime you feel you need to!

Stay strong and remember - bloating is temporary - recovery is forever!


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