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Post bulimia weight loss struggles

by Sienna
(Australia )

Hi shaye

I've written in twice before (a ballerinas secret). I have now been completed bulimia free; as in no vomiting or even wanting to throw up for over a month now. But I'm really starting to struggle. I've put on about 6kgs in a month, when ive never gained large amounts of weight in my life! I've always been very skinny and it this scares me. I must admit, I've been feeling soo much better since I've stopped vomiting. I have more energy, feel more motivated and I'm not constantly getting sick. But I feel very, very self conscious of my body. I'm still eating nearly the same amount of food as I used to, except I'm keeping it down. Every night I feel sick and extremely bloated. I don't know what to do.

I've tried structured eating, I've tried eating healthy etc but it doesn't help. I still go back to my old eating habits ie eating ALOT. Also, being on school holidays, I'm at home all day, bored, so I eat. An also I don't have dancing so I'm not working it off. Every night I tell myself 'tomorrow I'm going to eat normally' but it never happens. It's been a bit over a year since the first time I ever made myself throw up, and I really wish I could go back to then and tell myself to not be so stupid. I put on a happy face but I'm really unhappy with my body and I'm scared of what I'll end up doing to get my figure back. Please help, do you have any advice on how I can lose the weight I've gained and get a normal lifestyle back?


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