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Positive vs Negative in Bulimia Recovery

by Val

NEGATIVE: food makes me fat, so I have to get rid of what I ate
POSITIVE: eating the WRONG type of foods is bad for me, eat healthy and my body and health will reward me

NEGATIVE: I will be a better person if I am thin
POSITIVE: I will still be the same person inside whether I am a few pounds overweight or thin

And, this is my personal negative thinking that turned me around and got me to the point where I am now at 50 days binge purge-free and seeing a dentist to get on a program to fix my teeth:

NEGATIVE: Bulimia is screwing up my teeth, I give up on them but I can't give up binging and purging.
POSITIVE: See a dentist about fixing my teeth and come to terms with the fact that bulimia is the cause of all this destruction and stop doing this to myself!!

I am sure there is/was more, but now it is hard to think back to the way I USED to think about how I felt about myself and how the world thought of me. Giving up the B/P cycle HAS really changed the way I feel and think. The world IS much more positive now and so is my outlook on life.

I think my BIGGEST change from negative to positive thinking is how I look at food now, how I eat food, and the foods I eat, and how foods affect my body and health. I was very pleasantly surprised at how my body reacted in such a good way to my changes in eating habits.


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