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PMS linked to Bulimia

by BBeim


I have been struggling with bulimia for a good amount of time now (roughly 2 years). It is not a constant struggle, seeing as though I have my really good times and then my terrible times...

I was hoping that you could give me some answers on specifically the times when I should expect my bulimia to be much worse...

Right now, throughout this nightmare of a journey with my bulimia, I have begun to notice that it tends to flare up REALLY bad around the time I am PMSing.

I understand that serotonin levels are significantly lower when I am experiencing PMS, but I was hoping you or some other readers may have some insight or sources that you could push me into the right direction of figuring this out.

I hate the fact that it is around the time I am PMSing that my sickness is worsened, seeing as though many of the symptoms I experience, like bloating, already alter my view on my body.

Thank you,

Shaye Says

Hi BBeim,

It's actually very common for bulimia to flare up during PMS... There are a number of reasons for this...

1) It is common to feel a little 'flat' or down during PMS... And these feelings can trigger you to eat for comfort, to numb, to take you mind off things

2) PMS bloating can make you 'feel' fat. Feeling fat is linked in very closely with bulimia... Often it results in restrictive thoughts, these food restrictions - thoughts about restricting food - or actual restriction - triggers a binge eating response... Of course, binge eating is then, for bulimics, usually followed by purging... and the cycle continues...

It could be an idea, during the times that you are having PMS, to stick to a structured eating plan... This will help limit the binge urges that you get.

I definitely remember my bulimia getting significantly worse when I had PMS... But, using tips like structured eating made a great difference.


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