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Please share a structured eating sample

by karla


Is there anyway you could post a sample of a daily structured eating plan? Also if you could provide a printable menu planner that's specifically designed for bulimics?


Shaye Says

Hi Karla!

I have copied one of the structured meals plans from out of The Bulimia Recovery Programs guide ( - there is a week long structured eating plan in it)

Here it is:

Meal: Breakfast - Fruit salad, 150g yoghurt and a handful of nuts
Time: 07.30am

Meal: Snack - 5 crackers with cheese and tomato
Time: 10.00am

Meal: Lunch - Salad with chicken, lettuce, tomato, olives, feta and dressing
Time: 12.30pm

Meal: Snack - A banana, date and coconut smoothie
Time: 03.00pm

Meal: Dinner - Hot and spicy beef and vegetable stir fry
Time: 06.00pm

Meal: Snack - Small bowl off ice cream
Time: 08.30pm

In The Bulimia Recovery Program there is also an online meal planner where you can write out your meals and print them out on a neat structured form.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with the structured eating!


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