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please help me beat bulimia

Dear Shaye

Firstly I'm on a road that's becoming a living nightmare and has taken away four years of my life.

I feel ashamed to be doing this to myself as I'm binging and purging on a regular basis (everyday), have had several problems with my electrolyte imbalance where it has left me in hospital twice now and I don't want to end up back in there.

I am managing now to keep special k down in the morning and a bowel at night and have bananas to help my pottasium levels a little (I also take slow k which is like a pottasium tablet to help keep my pottasium level up.

I have abused laxatives and diet pills in the past to which I finally got a grip on and haven't taken any form of these in about 6 months now as I want to get better and be healthy.

I can't kick this... I have sessions with an eating disorder unit but they don't seem to help I can't seem get through the 1st day of starting the period of no more binging and purging.

Can you help me in a way I can somehow get a grip even just for a few moments where I can say no.

I can't seem to break this habit and I feel im gunna get no where... Please help me I'm miserable and desperate now I don't wanna risk my life anymore but cannot seem to take control.

Love Katie

Shaye Says

Hi Katie!

I don't think you should feel ashamed or disheartened...


Because I think it sounds like you're doing so well! Yes, you may still be binging and purging... but let's look at what you've achieved:

1) You have managed to keep off the laxatives
2) You've stopped taking diet pills
3) You're keeping food down (special K and bananas)
4) You've taken the step in getting help from an eating disorders unit

Now, if you ask me... It looks like you're making great improvements...

It will be frustrating for you that you haven't yet managed to beat the main bad guy - binging and purging... but all the things you've achieved are signs that you're heading in the right direction.

A tip that I found helpful when I was battling not to binge was not to say NO... This only makes you want it even more...

What you could try say is:

Okay, so I want to binge. I will allow myself to eat that - but first, I'm going to sit down for 5 minutes, listen to some happy upbeat music and relax.

Remind yourself that it's only 5 minutes you have to wait...

Do this - and then, if you still feel like you need to eat that food - eat it. BUT, put an amount aside that you agree is reasonable to eat. Go and sit in a nice spot and eat it slowly.

If you want more, distract yourself and allow yourself to have more in 1 hours time.

Knowing that the food is coming will make your body and brain happier to wait.

Saying NO will make it freak out and want to eat everything in sight!

I know this is just a little bulimia recovery tip... But if you practice it enough it can have a great effect.

So, get your ipod filled with all your favorite upbeat songs - and have it ready... waiting :)

If you have any other questions or comments. Please, just ask. I would love to try and help in any way I can.

Stay Strong - and remember - you're beautiful - we all are!


P.S. I's love it if you would submit your story on the bulimia stories page... I know sure that it will help others know that they're not alone! xox

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