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Please help im a bulimic...

by Jenny

Its been 10yrs from now since i've lost my weight. im bulimic. i am sad an i regret why i'm like this. since i was a child im overweight my classmates used to call me a pig i kept on crying and there come a point i where I didn't want to go to school anymore...

Years went by - then i reached my adolescence stage many things changed, even i myself questioned myself why and why it happened to me. since i decided to change my physical appearance not only my appearance has changed - i myself have changed... I miss the old me. i don't want to be bulimic forever. I'm get so upset when i eat a lot and after a while i go to the bathroom and throw up... Sometimes i throw up in the plastic bag if i cannot use the bathroom, then I hide it in the closet and throw it when no one is watching me.

10yrs I've been suffering from this kind of habit - this monster disease, i want to overcome bulimia. I want a normal life and a healthy lifestyle. I have a dream and i want it to be fulfilled and i'm sick and tired of lying to those people who care for and love me. my family and my loved ones don't know about this and i'm afraid and ashamed to tell them. i wish i had the courage to share it with them - at this moment i'm thinking of on how i would open up to them about my sickness. this year me and my fiancee are getting married. I want to overcome bulimia before i get married. i want a normal life... i'm afraid my child will become bulimic like me. i don't want them to be like me..PLEASE DO HELP ME PLEASE..


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